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Happy Birthday Andy!

Pink Birthday Cake


Happy Birthday Andy!
Hope you have a great day and a great year.
Can't wait to visit soon. You are always welcome here, you know that.
Never change, and keep inspiring everyone around you to be better, kinder and warmer people.
The world's such a better place with you in it. What a man! The Man.
Love Tay x

Tay had some extra pictures:

Pink Birthday Cake


Happy birthday!

Thanks for the swims and the wine gums

JLo had some extra pictures:

Pink Birthday Cake


Hey Andy,
You know what 3 + 0 is? Thats right its 3. You know what 3 x 3 is? That right its 9. You know what 9 - 1 is? That right, its 8 and thats the number of Guinness's we drank that night out in Dublin that one time. Then you threw up haha. Oh wait that was me . Any way what im trying to say is Happy 30th Birthday and have a taco good night.

Pink Birthday Cake


To one of the best people in my life, and the other half of Team Alandy...

A very big Happy 30th Birthday to the wonderful you!

I've gone for the classic collage grid of photos for old time sakes. Too many photos to choose from but have chosen 4 favourites.

9 glorious years of friendship with so many great memories. Camp antics, celebrations in Ireland and life as a Kiwi in NZ has bought so much joy and made all the better with you.

I hope you have a day as wonderful as you celebrating with Beef Wellington, board games and two great people that you live with.

Hope we will meet again soon pal! xoxo

Pink Birthday Cake


Happiest of birthdays Andy! I thought you were already 30! You will always be my favourite Valentine and I can't wait for the day we get to catch up again. Arohanui xx

Pink Birthday Cake


Happy big Birthday AD!!! How are we so old🤣 I know it's not your favourite pic but it will never get old🤣 maybe we'll make it to Coppers for the big 5-0? Enjoy your dinner and all the cake💓 (hope it's as good as the one you and Nicko made me🤣)

Pink Birthday Cake


Happy 30th Birthday Champ.
Have the best day!
Miss you heaps
Lots of love

Pink Birthday Cake

Olivia Barragan

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANDY!! Although I haven’t seen you in, like, four years (what?!), you’re still one of my most favorite people I’ve ever met 🥰 I hope that you have the best birthday ever and that I get to see you soon ❤️ Sending lots and lots and lots of love from your favorite place (Aka Iowa hehe).

Pink Birthday Cake

Karen Cowley

The happiest birthday to you Andy!!! You're Thirty, Flirty and Thriving! Getting to know you (and the Donnelly clann!) over the last few years has been such a pleasure. Little did I know that meeting Nicko would also lead me to meet such wonderful people like yourself! Hope you have a lovely birthday, full of baked goods and sunshine. We are having you over for dinner at the first possible opportunity!

Love Karen xx

Jill & Maeve 2.0


Tay 2.0

John Close

Éanna Doyle


Noel and Patricia

Jonny and Karen

Happy Birthday Andy

Jill and Maeve ft. Teddy 3000

Happy birthday A-boy! Hope you have the best day 🤩 Love you fav sister and Maeve! Xxx


Happy birthday Cap'n. Congrats on reaching your thirties. I accept that I will be joining you in this soon, but I still maintain that your birthday is in the Winter.

Stephen Horsfall

Yooooo D,
Happy birthday, enjoy it
Horse xoxo

Ruth & Emma

Seán Healy

Happy birthday to the main man AJD!

Isaac (ft. PJ)

Tom Burke

Happy Birthday Andy! 🎉🎉


30 years of GAA training, swimming, berno's lane banter, Fintan's bashing, Engineering trekking, VDP smashing, redbrick stashing, road trip flashing and almost drunk cycling crashing. Whats the next 30 years got in store? Happy birthday Gossip Goose

Richard and Aisling

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays Andy!!! Looking forward to getting to celebrate properly but until then hopefully we can get a few good walks in, a couple more games of chess and you can take some more of my money in poker (of all the Clontarf cartel you're the soundest 😂)!

P.S. you would be surprised by how much rehearsal goes into a video that cringe worthy! Happy Birthday from Aisling and Richard!!!

Paul Manning

Wishing you a very happy birthday! Have a great day mate.



Best wishes on your 30th birthday.
Few naggins soon!

Much love,



Happy Birthday Andy!



Jessie Moloney

I never knew you were also a Pisces♓️

Happy Birthday Andrew! :)
Have the best day.

Shane Jackson

Happy Birthday, Andrew.

Dani Cuff

Happy Birthday to Andy. You have always been a shining ray of light, and in these hard times people will be looking to you for positivity. You have a gift of making others happy, easing their stresses and making them feel safe and loved. You are a truly beautiful man and that is well worth celebrating. Take care of yourself and wishing you all my love xx



Happy Birthday Andrew James!


Happy birthday man! Now that I've stolen your crown as resident king of Clontarf looking forward to getting some summer beach swims in. Have a great day bud!



Maygin McCormack

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the most wonderful, hilarious, caring, and, dare I say it ~ Alpha ~ of friends!!!

Here's to celebrating your first 30 years and all the good times yet to come!

Lots of love,

Barry Adamson

Andy, sexy goose!
Happy 30th Birthday mate.

Hope you have a top day, il make sure I have a drink for you and hopefully we’l be able to celebrate in person soon🍻

Áine + Teddy

Happy birthday Andy!! Can’t wait for some wonderful celebrations, trips away (including Island Nations 2.0) and all round top tier fun after all of this. Miss you, love you, and grateful for you pal ❤️ happy happy happy birthday (wow, you’re old!).



Anna & Sarah


Happy birthday lad! Enjoy the below video


sneaky willy

Emo and Corm

Happy birthday Andy!!! Miss ya loads, hopefully see you in the parish soon! ✌🏻


Steven & Abby



Andrew James Donnelly! Congrats on the big 30. Hope you have a great day! Looking forward to a big celebration when all this covid lark is over. May the next 30 be filled with swims and all the other good things in life!! Have a good one 😊


Muiris Ó Scanaill

Happy 30th Andy, will catch up with you soon. Enjoy and chat to you again. Grá òn Fionlainn 🤗😘



Dearest Andy,
Happy birthday *old* pal. I have known you for almost 10 years now and there has not been a minute that I am not incredibly grateful for our friendship.

I love you, thanks for being the greatest friend and housemate anyone could ask for, living with you is a dream.

P.S. Can't wait to taste the infamous beef wellington that ye are always on about!


Kelseah Parnell

Andy Donnelly, dirty flirty thirty! Can no longer say you’re practically 30 because you’re actually the big 3 0 now. Miss ya and hope you enjoy your special day xx I was gonna send you photos of my foot cause it’s fucked but then I remembered it’s your birthday so I have to be kind xx



Happy birthday Andy!! Hope you have the best day 🥳🥳


Patrick Purtill

I couldn’t fit sit on my boner into a Limerick/poem so here’s a wee Limerick on this fine day! Happy birthday big man!



My dear Andy,
We've been saying you're practically 30 for a while now, well there's no practically about it anymore. Happy 30th! I hope you have a day as happy and wonderful as you. Can't wait to be reunited.
All my love ❤🌞



Penblwydd Hapus Andy! Hope that you've had a class day and that we can all catch up soon. Big love, Rhys ❤❤


James Philip Croash

"You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take" - Andy Donnelly


P.S. Here's a fun map of just a small amount of the people who love you all over the world:

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