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Andy's Anniversary

16 July 2022 at 13:00:00


sneaky willy

Pink Birthday Cake

sneaky willy

The year mark will be soon upon us and if you're free please join us in celebrating and commemorating the wonderful man himself - Andrew James Donnelly.

The current plan for Saturday, 16th of July 2022 is:

  • Heading down for a dip at 2pm sharp at the last gray shelter along the Bull Wall (Google Maps) and all are welcome to join.

  • Chats and tea after (weather permitting).

  • Anyone who is travelling for the swim can head back to Nicko’s after for a shower etc.

  • Anniversary mass is at 5pm in St. Gabriel's Parish Church, Dollymount Park (Google Maps)

As always, all updates closer to the day will be popped up in the whatsapp group (link to join)

If you have any questions, just pop Nicko a message


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